Terrasse Grenelle

Paris (France)

The Challenge

In the middle of Paris, a terrace on the roof of a small building in a courtyard. The clients, renowned art patrons, wanted to develop this space as exhibition, work and reception platform, open to the sky. The project had to be durable, with materials of the highest quality, and to require only a limited maintenance.

The Solution

Lionel’s first proposition consists in creating a volume equivalent to the access staircase. It serves as much as storage space as kitchen during the organization of receptions. The existing paving is replaced by a wood decking. The latter is cut along the axis of a neighboring town house to delimit a roof garden with a subtle mix of plants thriving in these particular conditions: frankenias, thymes, pinks, punctuated by Stipa tenuissima and bearded irises. For this project, Lionel reuses different elements from traditional Parisian terraces: trellises covered with false jasmine or the choice furniture similar to those in the neighboring Luxembourg garden.