Matray Garden

Ars-en-Ré (France)

The Challenge

This is the garden of a holiday house on the island of Ré. The property is located at one the of narrowest points where only a few meters of land separate the ocean on one side from the salty marshes on the other. Strong winds constantly blow. Only few plants can withstand these harsh conditions. Shall we renounce the idea of a garden in this case? How to ensure the maintenance is limited, in particular in the case of secondary residence?

The Solution

Lionel has started his intervention with a tour of the island, to discover its gardens, vernacular materials, the plants that thrive both in gardens and on the seashores. This is also the occasion to exchange family souvenirs with the homeowner. All this information combines in a project made of simple but impeccably executed elements, such as the large reclaimed dry-stone wall that flanks the new terrace. The question of maintenance is integrated from the starting point. It is by first and foremost by placing the right plants at the right place that the maintenance of the garden is greatly limited.

On this project Lionel demonstrates his ability to combine a local team of competent suppliers and contractors and supervise a construction project despite the important travel distance.