Clos du Château

Vaumarcus (Suisse)

The Challenge

The clients of this house overlooking Lake Neuchâtel called Lionel in the initial stage of an ambitious interior redesign project. They wanted a garden matching the level of their new interior, with diverse plantings offering a prolonged period of interest throughout the year. Passionate about gardens themselves, they also wanted to take care of their new garden. It hence had to be of limited maintenance.

The Solution

The vista on the lake quickly called for the idea of a blue and silver garden. Naturalistic perennial plantings with mostly blue blooms on a basis of silver foliage are arranged between two hedges. One of them support the architecture of the house, the other clipped with a wave shape, recalls the distant mountains. Every element in this garden echoes the wider landscape: the water mirror that creates a visual continuation with the lake, the choice of beeches for the hedges, similar to the beech wood at the shore of the lake below. Combined, these elements contribute to create the illusion that the garden is bigger than its actual limit.