Gabriel Ash

The only greenhouses endorsed by the RHS

Solar heating using glass and natural methods of environmental control had its origins in the 17th century when people had first wanted to nurture tropical plants brought home by explorers. Gardens developed exquisite forms of greenhouse, the vinehouse being a form, which quickly grew in popularity.

It is a relatively simple greenhouse which can be placed against a supporting wall which, incidentally, need not be as high as a lean-to wall and the extra height at the ridge allowed vines and creeping plants such as jasmine to provide exotic food for the table and scented plants for the home and conservatory.

In fact together with environmental controls, which were more advanced than was experienced in the home at that time, it was said that a glasshouse operator had more environmental knowledge at his fingertips than most architects ever learnt.

The RHS greenhouse range includes a Vinehouse (otherwise called a three-quarter span greenhouse, or hipped roof greenhouse) to enable a compact but standard ridge height greenhouse to be placed against an adjoining wall.





Length: 3092mm
Width: 2064mm
Height: 3002mm



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