Gabriel Ash

The only greenhouses endorsed by the RHS

The raison d’etre of every sheet of glass placed over a plant for shelter has always been the conversion of the sun’s energy. Greenhouses and glasshouses were created when we discovered that we could enjoy the sun’s warmth under glass. The RHS Lean-to greenhouse is the perfect suntrap, the warmth of the sun warming not only the air but also the internal wall, which holds the heat for hours after the sun’s departure. Developed from the 17th century Dutch forcing frames the lean-to in its grandest form became a promenade for the gentry as they grew more and more exotic plants and fruits.

The RHS greenhouse range includes a lean-to greenhouse, which may be placed on a low wall matching your property or with its cedar cladding, to retain warmth; it would enhance any home or kitchen garden. You will need a high wall at the rear preferably south facing and as with the vinehouse they are suitable for peach trees, climbing plants and many shade loving plants. One big advantage of the lean-to greenhouse is that you can connect it to your home by means of a communicating door.




Length: 3552mm
Width: 2322mm
Height: 2755mm



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