Gabriel Ash

The only greenhouses endorsed by the RHS

A vital addition to any gardener’s greenhouse, and especially your propagation calendar, these exquisite cold frames offer equally high standards of design and construction. The modular integrates perfectly with your greenhouse, or choose a freestanding design with the option of glass-fronted frames.

Like our greenhouses, everything within a Gabriel Ash Cold Frame is designed for the optimum performance of your plants. The lid has high-precision mortise and tenon joints as well as powder-coated aluminium cappings whilst the heavy-duty aluminium hinges provide extra durability.

The lid can be completely removed if required or held open at different heights using the integral supports. As with our greenhouses, each cold frame comes with a powder-coated aluminium plinth designed to create a barrier against dampness caused by contact with the ground.




Length: 1134mm
Width: 900mm
Height: 531mm



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